Monthly Archive for July, 2010

My blog got exploded

Sorry guys, had some wordpress issues with the automatic update to WP3 because of the wp-tuner plug-in … you know, my blog has never been the fastest loading website ever, so at some point I had installed the darn thing to see what was going wrong and where.

Now, I didn’t understand much about what was going wrong and where, but instead got to explode my blog with the plugin during the WP3 update. Everything would have been great if once that I was facing the blank screen of death I had decided to put some minimal effort in debugging it manually (which I ended up doing anyway, and honestly, it took like 10 minutes – wp-tuner had left some stuff in the wp-config.php – but hey, how could I know it was THAT easy) instead of just trying to rollback things with mediatemple’s 1-click WP installer.

So, thanks to the brilliantly written 1-click install, all sources and flash files and images and everything is dust. I’ll fix everything this weekend, but now I need to go do some work. Thanks for reading this non-updated blog anyway! I’ve got a couple of things I’d like to share, and maybe I’ll get in blogging mood this weekend, now that I have to patch up everything anyway.

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