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Hello world!

Hello there. Over time I got convinced that keeping it all private is so not fun. And now that my modest time-endowment has limited my ability to get stuff out of my brain and onto the net, I was struck by the revelation that sharing my ideas might as well result in someone else doing the hard work for me. So here I am, starting a blog, and you are most welcome to share stuff back.

Well, hello world! As you might have guessed by now, this blog will be about flash and flash-related stuff. Every now and then I will be outputing some thoughts, code and filler in a hope to maybe be of some use and/or inspiration to the other flashers around the place. Also, I have a couple of cool projects that have been shaping up for a while now, and if I do manage to make them reasonably presentable, all will go on googlecode.

These are the good news, now lets begin with the bad.

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